Renée Voltaire Spirulina - Seaweed Powder Organic 100g

CHF 13.60
Spirulina is protEIn-rich algae which grow in freshwater and harvested on a small island in the South China Sea. The freshwater ponds are filled with water that comes from deep underground and which is carefully filtered first. No chemical remedies are used in growing the Spirulina, it thrives on natural sunlight and is carefully mixed to ensure a balanced distribution. Algae that are suitable for consumption are subject to strict controls by our supplier at every harvest. The tests are made by an independent certifier in order to ensure that the product is free of remnants of heavy metals. It contains all essential amino acids and iron. It has also a high share of thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and copper. Spirulina contains antioxidants and a wide range of vitamins and minerals. It has no cell wall made of cellulose and is therefore easy to digest.Ingredienser: spirulina*. *organic ingredient. May contain traces of NUTS, PEANUTS and SESAM E SEEDS. Nutritional value per 100 g: energy 336 kcal/1420 kJ, fat 1 g - of which saturated fat 0.50 g, carbohydrates 13 g - of which sugar 0.10 g, dietary fibre 5.10 g, protEIn 66 g, thiamine 4.40 mg, riboflavin 6.90 mg, Niacin 5.90 mg, vitamin B6 18.40 mg, potassium 1040 mg, Calcium 333 mg, magnesium 300 mg, iron 6.60 mg, zinc 3.30 mg, copper 0.20 mg Please note that it is always the ingredients and nutritional values of the package that applies. 

Ingredienser: Spirulina *. * Organischer BestandtEIl. Kann Spuren von Nüssen, ERDNüSSen und SESAM . Nährwert pro 100 g: Energie 336 kcal / 1420 kJ, Fett 1 g - davon Fett 0,50 g gesättigten, Kohlenhydrate 13 g - davon Zucker 0,10 g, Ballaststoffe 5,10 g, ProtEIn 66 g, Thiamin 4,40 mg, Riboflavin 6,90 mg , Niacin 5,90 mg, Vitamin B6 18,40 mg, Kalium 1040 mg, Calcium 333 mg Magnesium 300 mg, EIsen 6,60 mg, Zink 3,30 mg, Kupfer 0,20 mg Bitte beachten sie, dass es immer die Zutaten und Nährwerte des Pakets, das gilt.

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