Felix Skivad Saltgurka - Salty Pickled Cucumber 715 g

CHF 5.30

Some love sweeter gherkins, some pickled salty gherkins. This is the classic sliced, crispy Västerås gherkin pickled with mustard seeds and vinegar.

Orkla Foods Sverige. Founded by Sweden’s three leading food companies - Abba Seafood, Procordia and Frödinge – in 2014. Has its base in Skåne, close to the Swedish ingredients. They make jam in Tollarp, pickled vegetables in Eslöv, bake cakes in Frödinge, make Risifrutti in Örebro and make cordial from JOKK in Kumla. Ingredients: Sliced cucumber with MUSTARD SEEDS in pickle made of water, salt, vinegar, sugar, acid (citric acid), spice extract (e.g. dill and cayenne pepper) and preservative (potassium sorbate). Nutritional value per 100 g: Energy 60 kJ/13 kcal, Protein 0.7 g, Carbohydrates 1.8 g, Of which sugars 1.4 g, Fat 0 g, Of which saturated fat 0 g, Salt 4.1 g. Please note that it is always the ingredients and nutritional value on the package that applies.

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