Pågen Lingongrova - Bread with lingonberry 500g

CHF 7.00
Bröd - LingonGrova contains, among other things, whole grain RYE, sourdough and lingonberry. A dark bread that fits with some slices of your favourite cheese and peppers.Ingredients: WHEATMEAL, WATER, WHOLE WHEAT MEAT * OF RAW AND KNITTED, RAW MEAL, SYRUP, CUTE WHOLE GROWN *, SATURDAY ON VETE AND WHOLE GROWN RAW * (4%), WINE OF CORN, WHEAT GLUTE, VETKLINE, RAPE OIL, YELLOW GLUTE, KNITTED EQUIPMENT, RAPE SWEET, YEAT, LUTTERKIN, RAPE OIL, YEAT, LINGON (1.5% ), red currants and salt. * Whole grain content: 22%, corresponding to 30% of the dry wEIght. Nutrition declaration: Energy (kcal) 260 kcal, Energy (kJ) 1100 kJ, Fat 3.50 g, Of which saturated fat is 0.40 g, Carbohydrates 46 g, Of which sugar 9 g, Fiber 6.50 g, ProtEIn 8.50 g, Salt 0.70 g Country of origin: Sweden Be aware that it is always the contents of the package and the nutritional value that applies.  

Zutaten: WEIZENMEHL, Wasser, Voll WEIZEN MEAT * von rohen und gestrickten ROHMEHL, EInes Sirups, CUTE GANZE GROWN *, Samstag ON VETE und ganze GROWN RAW * (4%), wEIn von Mais-, WEIZEN- GLUTE, VETKLINE, Rüböl, YELLOW GLUTE, gestrickter EQUIPMENT, Raps- SWEET, Yeat, LUTTERKIN, Rüböl, Yeat, LINGON (1,5%), rote Johannisbeeren und Salz. * VollKORNgehalt: 22%, bis 30% des Trockengewichtes entspricht.

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