Findus Svenska Kanelbullar - Cinnamon Buns 700 gr, 20 pieces

CHF 12.00

Kanelbullar - FROZEN - Swedish cinnamon buns for a better coffee! there is always a scent of freshly baked buns in the sea breeze in the roof of the cEIling. In the Småland archipelago society, right by the little bay, Findus bakery. here you have kneaded yourself and baked buns of happy bakers since 1966. Our classic cinnamon buns and juicy cardamom buns are baked in Sweden with ingredients that meet the criteria for "from Sweden labelling". so now you can choose locally produced when you are craving something sweet and Swedish. The buns are thawed in just a few minutes in the oven or micro, or for one hour at room temperature. never has it been easier to feel the smell and taste of freshly baked! psst! bring them to the picnic basket, let thaws on the road, and you have freshly baked buns for your excursion.

Note: This product is frozen, and will thaw during the journey to Switzerland.We do not recommend that you re-freeze. 

INGREDIENTS: WHEATMEAL *, sugar *, water, rapeseed oil, brown sugar, yeast *, cinnamon, malt flour of VETE, starch, salt, vanillin, emulsifier E471 and flour treating agent (ascorbic acid). * Origin: Sweden.
Nutrition declaration: Energy (kcal) 357 kcal, Energy (kJ) 1495 kJ, Fat 11 g, Of which saturated fat is 0.80 g, Carbohydrates 57 g, Of which sugar 21 g, Fiber 2.50 g, ProtEIn 5.80 g, Salt 0.28 g

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