Fazer Kina Wafer Snacks - 155g

CHF 4.80
Ingredients: sugar, vegetable fat (palm, shea), cocoa BUTTER, WHEAT flour, wholemeal powder, cocoa paste, foam MILK powder, whey powder (of MILK), WHEAT starch, fat reduced cocoa powder, emulsifier (lecithin, including soya), salt, surface treatment agent (lecithin, including soya), salt, surface treatment agent (E904), aromas (vanilla, vanillin), fermenters (E500). MAY CONTAIN NUTS.May contain traces of NUTS.Nutrition declaration: Energy (kcal) 553 kcal, Energy (kJ) 2307 kJ, Fat 34 g, Of which saturated fat 22 g, Carbohydrates 54 g, Of which sugar 44 g, ProtEIn 6.50 g, Salt 0.26 g Please note that it is always the ingredients and nutritional value on the package that applies.

Zutaten: Zucker, pflanzliches Fett (Palm, Shea), KakaoBUTTER, WEIZENMEHL, VollKORNpulver, Kakaomasse, SchaumMILCHpulver, Molkepulver (MILCH), WEIZENstärke, fettreduzierte Kakaopulver, Emulgator (Lezithin, EInschließlich Soja) , Salz, Oberflächenbehandlungsmittel (Lecithin, EInschließlich Soja), Salz, Oberflächenbehandlungsmittel (E904), Aromen (Vanille, Vanillin), Fermentern (E500). MAI ENTHALTEN NUTS.May Spuren NUTS.Nutrition Erklärung enthalten: Energie (kcal) 553 kcal, Energie (kJ) 2307 kJ, 34 g Fett, davon 22 g Fett gesättigte, 54 g Kohlenhydrate, davon g Zucker 44, ProtEIn 6.50 g, Salz 0,26 g

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