Per i Viken Falukorv - Smoked Sausage 440g

CHF 8.30
Korv - The Falu sausage, which has produced in Dalarna since the 19th century, used to be considered a simple sausage. Today we appreciate it as a true Swedish delicacy. Enjoy it sliced and fried with EGGs, chop it in a stroganoff or bake it in the oven with cheese and tomatoes in a dish Per i Viken is a local producer from Skåne. The company was founded in 1926 in the small coastal community Viken. They produce deli meat products of the highest quality based on old recipes, but also develop new, exciting products. Ingredients: Pork and beef, water, pork fat, salt, yellow onion, potato starch, sugar, spices, antioxidant agent E300, dextrose, preservative E250, sodium nitrite. Nutritional value per 100 g: Energy 300 kcal (1250kj), Fat 28g Of which saturates 11g, Carbohydrates 5.2g Of which sugars 0.5g, ProtEIn 8.4g, salt 2.1g.

Zutaten: SchwEIneflEIsch und RindflEIsch, Wasser, SchwEIneschmalz, Salz, gelbe Zwiebeln, Kartoffelstärke, Zucker, Gewürze, Antioxidationsmittel E300, Dextrose, Konservierungsmittel E250, Natriumnitrit. Nährwert pro 100 g: Energie 300 kcal (1250kj), Fett 28g davon 11g gesättigten Fettsäuren, Kohlenhydrate 5,2 g davon Zucker 0,5 g, 8,4 g ProtEIn, Salz 2,1 g.

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