Questions and Answers

Where in Switzerland do you deliver?

Answer: We deliver throughout all of Switzerland. However, there are certain remote areas, where delivery is not possible within 24 hours after the merchandise has arrived in Switzerland. Therefore it is not possible to order refrigerated products from these areas.

Is it possible to place only one (1) order?

Answer: Yes, after an order has been made, there are no obligations to subscribe or to sign up as a member.

Can I buy pre-made grocery bags from Scandi-shop?

Answer: No, but we are offering special occasion boxes for Christmas, Easter, Midsummer and before the crayfish premiere.

What happens if the product I’ve ordered is out of stock?

Answer: Then we will contact you and offer a comparable alternative.

What if I want a product of Scandinavian food that you don’t currently stock?

Answer: Go to page “Our product selection” and fill in your request/s.

What if I need to return something?

Answer: Please contact us via e-mail (info@scandi-shop.ch), regular mail or phone (+41 79 176 49 44).

How do I change my log-in password?

Answer: You can change your password by clicking “already a customer / Login”,
and then on “new password”. A new password will be sent to your e-mail address which you should change to a password of your own.

Can I make changes once I have ordered?

Answer: No, but you may cancel your order and then place a new order with the changes.

How do I go about changing delivery address and/or delivery time?

Answer: The local shipping agent DPD delivers the goods and notifies delivery via sms. You choose your delivery location and it is possible to change the location until one (1) hour before the appointed time directly with DPD at 0848-373 373. 

How often does Scandi-shop make deliveries?

Answer: We deliver once a week. Our deadline for next upcoming delivery is Wednesday evening at midnight. We will distribute your merchandise next upcoming Thursday after you placed your order but no later than Friday evening. .

Can I pay by invoice at Scandi-shop?
Answer: Currently, we only accept credit card payments in co-operation with our partner Stripe.com