Marabou Mjölkchoklad XL Cookies - Milk-chocolate XL Cookies 184g

CHF 6.40
Marabou Cookies MILK Chocolate - Crispy cookies with delicious MILK chocolate that works just as well at the table, cosy time or when you want a great time for yourself. Ingredients: Sugar, WHEAT flour, palm oil, whole MILK powder, cocoa paste, cocoa BUTTER, whey powder (MILK), baking powder (ammonium bicarbonate, sodium hydrogen carbonate, disodium diphosphate), salt, emulsifier (SOYA LECITHIN), flavorings, dye (beta-carotene), flavorings, dye (beta-carotene). CAN CONTAIN NUTS AND EGGS.Nutrition declaration: Energy (kcal) 505 kcal, Energy (kJ) 2105 kJ, Fat 26 g, Of which saturated fat 14.50 g, Carbohydrates 60 g, Of which sugar 38 g, Fiber 1.80 g, ProtEIn 5.30 g, Salt 1.05 g Please note that it is always the ingredients and nutritional value on the package that applies.

BestandtEIle: Zucker, WEIZENMEHL, Palmöl, VollMILCHpulver, Kakaomasse, KakaoBUTTER, Molkenpulver (MILCH), Backpulver (Ammoniumhydrogencarbonat, Natriumhydrogencarbonat, Dinatriumdiphosphat), Salz, Emulgator (Sojalezithin), Aromastoffe, Farbstoff (Beta-Karotin), Aromastoffe, Farbstoff (Beta-Karotin). CAN ENTHALTEN UND NUTS EGGS.Nutrition Erklärung: Energie (kcal) 505 kcal, Energie (kJ) 2105 kJ, Fett 26 g, davon Fett 14,50 g gesättigte, 60 Kohlenhydrate g, davon Zucker 38 g, Ballaststoffe 1,80 g, ProtEIn 5.30 g, Salz 1,05 g

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