Zoegas Bönor Forza - Extra Dark Roasted Coffee Beans 450 g

CHF 10.30
ZOÉGAS FORZA! - AFFORDABLE & POWERFUL EXTRA BREAKFAST ZOÉGAS works according to its core value: “Good coffee is our craft and passion.” So starts the story behind ZOÉGAS finest coffee blends.FORZA! is an intense and dark flavor composition with powerful personality where Santos coffee from Brazil is combined with high-grown beans from East Africa's mountain slopes. Toasted extra dark for a firey and flavorful coffee, with tones of dark chocolate and chili. One of ZOÉGAS finest coffee blends made from 100% Arabic beans, roasted and cup in Helsingborg. With passion for dark rust since 1886. Roasting degree 8/8 Fullness 5/5 Acidity 1/5
Ingredients: 100% Arabic beans. Whole coffee beans for filter coffee.
Röstgrad 8/8 Fülle 5/5 Säure 1/5
Zutaten: 100% arabische Bohnen. Ganze Kaffeebohnen für Filterkaffee.

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