Kelda Pastasås Parmesan & Kyckling - Pasta Sauce Parmesan & Chicken 4dl

CHF 6.00

With a ready-made pasta sauce you can quickly and easily prepare a good everyday meal. The rich cheese sauce with chicken, parmesan, cheddar, garlic and black pepper is ideal for pasta. The sauce is ready to be heated and eaten as it is. One tip is to heat the sauce together with broccoli bouquets. Then turn down boiled spaghetti and top with EGG yolk and black pepper.

ingredients: In a pack of 4 dl we have used: 2 dl MILK, ½ dl CREAM, 34 g smoked chicken (chicken breast, salt, glucose syrup), 25 g cheese powder (including 12 g cheddar, 7 g parmesan), 1 ¼ tablespoons modified starch (potatoes, corn), chopped garlic, emulsifiers (E451, E452), salt, smoke flavorings (containing LACTOSE), coarse-ground black pepper, turmeric. The amount of cheese powder added corresponds to 12% cheese.

Nutritional value per 100g: Energy 500 kJ / 120 kcal fat 7 g of which saturated fat 4.4 g carbohydrate 7.8 g of which sugars 4.1 g protEIn 6.5 g salt 1.4 g

Please note that is it always the ingredients and nutritional value on the package that applies.

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