Ängholmens Matjessill - Herring 300 g

CHF 12.00
Fiskexporten Varberg AB is a Swedish family-owned company founded in Varberg in 1968. They offer a complete range of pickled herring, based on traditional recipes with local anchoring but in a modern version. ThEIr pickles recEIved good praise on the Pickled Herring day in Marstrand. Ingredients: HERRING (Clupea harengus, FISHed in the North-East Atlantic FAO27, with sEIne nets and trawls), water, sugar, vinegar, salt, dill, sandalwood, dill aroma, spices, preservative (potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate). Heavily salted. Nutritional value: per 100 g without pickle: Energy: 920 kJ / 221 kcal, Fat: 12 g - Of which saturated fat: 2.5 g, Carbohydrates: 16 g - Of which sugars: 14 g, ProtEIn: 12 g, Salt: 4.5 g. Please note that it is always the ingredients and nutritional value on the package that applies.

Zutaten: Hering (Clupea harengus, FISCHte im Nordostatlantik FAO27, mit Wadennetze und Schleppnetze), Wasser, Zucker, Essig, Salz, Dill, Sandelholz, Dill Aroma, Gewürze, Konservierungsmittel (Kaliumsorbat, Natriumbenzoat). Stark gesalzen. Nährwert: pro 100 g ohne BEIze: Energie: 920 kJ / 221 kcal, Fett: 12 g - davon gesättigte Fettsäuren: 2,5 g, Kohlenhydrate: 16 g - davon Zucker: 14 g, EIwEIß: 12 g Salz: 4,5 G.

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