Polarkaka Original - Flatbread 525 g

CHF 6.60

Bröd - Beloved bread tradition from Norrland – the tasty, slightly chewy, soft bread that is baked when the oven is as hot as possible. A favourite for packed lunches and on the breakfast table for generation after generation.

Polarbröd is a family-owned company that was founded in Älvsbyn in 1879. It is still run by children and grand-children of the founders Johan and Hilda Nilsson today.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, water, sieved rye flour (20.5%), syrup, sugar, wheat gluten, rapeseed oil, dietary fibre from sugar beets, salt, fermented wheat flour, yeast, emulsifier (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, diacetyl tartaric acid ester of mono- and diglycerides), baking powder (ammonium carbonate), fructose, malt flour (barley), Flour treatment agent (ascorbic acid). Nutritional value per 100 g Energy 1160 kJ/280 kcal Fat 3.9 g Of which saturated fat 0.60 g Carbohydrates 49 g Of which sugars 8.2 g Dietary fibre 4.5 g Protein 8.6 g Salt 1.0 g.

Please note that it is always the ingredients and nutritional value on the package that applies.

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