Renée Voltaire Acai Organic - Acai powder 50 g

CHF 25.75

Açaipowder is raw and organic and comes from Brazil. Açai is rich in potassium, calcium and iron. Iron helps to reduce tiredness and exhaustion. Açai has a lovely blue and purple colour and tastes a little sweet, like a mixture of blueberries and chocolate with a pinch of NUTS. Use Açaipowder in a juice or smoothie or bake energy balls. Or mix it together with frozen berries on a refreshing sorbet. Try flavouring fudge with Açai: Açaifudge!Ingredients: Acai*. *organic ingredient.

May contain traces of NUTS, PEANUTS and SESAM E SEEDS. Nutritional value per 100 g: energy 480 kcal/1987 kJ, fat 41 g - of which saturated fat 9.60 g, carbohydrates 17 g - of which sugar 1.70 g, dietary fibre 24 g, protEIn 9.80 g, vitamin E 20 mg, potassium 530 mg, Calcium 156 mg, Iron 4.30 mg Please note that it is always the ingredients and the nutritional value on the package that applies.

Zutaten: Acai *. * Organischer BestandtEIl. Kann Spuren von Nüssen, ERDNüSSen und SESAM . Nährwert pro 100 g: Energie 480 kcal / 1987 kJ, Fett 41 g - davon Fett 9,60 g gesättigten, Kohlenhydrate 17 g - davon Zucker 1,70 g, Ballaststoffe 24 g, ProtEIn 9,80 g, Vitamin E 20 mg, Kalium-530 mg, 156 mg Calcium, EIsen 4,30 mg

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